Established in 2011 with headquarters in Kutjevo, today we operate throughout the Republic of Croatia and engage in activities in EU countries that we aim to further strengthen.

We are authorized by the Central Office of the State Geodetic Administration to perform all types of geodetic activities.

In our work, we not only strive to follow existing solutions in the profession but also aim to respond to the innovative approach in an extremely active and constantly growing market, pioneering change in the new era of geodetic solutions across the entire EU.

LiDAR map of a public road
Innovation Norway, Europski strukturni i investicijski fondovi, operativni program konkurentnost i kohezija, Europska Unija zajedno do EU fondova


What we offer

LiDAR Mapping

LiDAR map terrain
LiDAR terenska mapa
Riegl DRONE Image
                      VUX Series LiDAR Image


Investing in cutting-edge sensors enables us to offer aerial LiDAR scanning services.

The key feature of this technology is the rapid collection of topographic data from high altitudes. The high-quality sensors from the Austrian company RIEGL allow penetration through even the densest vegetation with an accuracy of 5mm.

Depending on the task and spatial resolution, the system is mounted on a drone, helicopter, or plane, facilitating data collection for various engineering needs such as infrastructure projects for roads and railways, digital twins of cities, archaeology, architecture, forestry, and electrical power systems.

The flexibility of our system allows it to be mounted on different platforms, adapting to the specifics of the task and required spatial resolution. This approach enables the collection of high-quality data for various engineering purposes.

For instance, in the realm of infrastructure projects for roads and railways, our LiDAR system provides crucial information that eases the planning and construction of infrastructure. For urban planning needs, it allows the creation of digital twins of cities, offering precise data on topography and terrain structure.


Terrestrial LiDAR is utilized for scanning the interiors of buildings, hard-to-reach areas, and external facades and fronts for architectural purposes. Our system allows extremely fast scanning intervals of just 30 seconds per station, with a range of 1 km and millimeter precision. This technology is crucial for detailed mapping of spatial features, providing architects and engineers with highly precise data for planning and design.

On the other hand, mobile LiDAR provides invaluable support in road planning, verification of completed works, monitoring movements and deformations on roads and embankments, and analyzing areas along rivers or coastal zones where there is a risk of flooding. It is also used in assessing road conditions and calculating the volume of materials needed for rehabilitation.

This mobile system complements aerial imaging in places with limited access, such as dense urban environments, underground garages, tunnels, bridge foundations, and similar locations. Our mobile LiDAR system features the high-speed dual scanner capable of generating up to 2 million points per second, providing an impressive accuracy of 1 mm. Such surgical precision enables rapid detection of subtle deformations in all types of structures, making mobile LiDAR a key tool in engineering and infrastructure projects.

Pegasus TRK700 EVO Mobile Mapping System



Subsurface mapping and detection.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) works by sending pulses of different frequencies into the ground and measuring the return of reflected signals. Structures beneath the surface return a different signal from surrounding materials due to differences in material permittivity.

This technology is ideal for locating non-conductive materials or utility objects, conducting surveys over large areas for indicative detection of possible underground assets in areas without existing records. Geometricus employs a range of different GPR solutions depending on the application.

Our leading GPR, IDS StreamUP, in combination with IQMaps software, provides incredible results in all areas. For hard-to-reach places, we use a GPR system on an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Underground scanning
Underground scanning drone


RGB orthophoto and spherical images.

Ortophoto image

For all types of your projects, we offer top-notch high-resolution imaging services using the latest technology and equipment.

Our high-quality PhaseOne camera allows us to create geometrically accurate and 2D measurable orthophotos, providing you with detailed and precise images necessary for various engineering and design projects. These images ensure a high degree of accuracy in terrain analysis, enabling you to plan and execute projects quickly and reliably.

Additionally, we provide precisely calibrated spherical images that can be integrated into various engineering and design programs. This type of imagery offers a deeper insight into spatial characteristics, facilitating processes such as design and planning. With our calibrated spherical images, you can be confident in the accuracy of the data you use in your projects.

As innovators in the field of visualization, we also offer the option to create digital VR walks on roads, inside interiors, and more. This technology provides an immersive experience of exploring spaces, particularly useful in the planning of architectural and urban projects. Digital VR walks allow you to create and share realistic simulations of environments, contributing to a better understanding and visualization of your project ideas.

Multispectral, thermal and air quality sensor measurement

River RGB River CIR
H20T Thermal Zoom Dual Mode
Multispectral Animation

Using advanced inspection systems mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), we provide high-quality services covering a wide range of areas:

  • Multispectral Insight for Agriculture and Forestry: Our unmanned systems are equipped with high-resolution multispectral sensors, enabling precise mapping of various soil, plant, and crop characteristics. This technology provides farmers and forestry experts with valuable information about soil conditions, vegetation health, and potential issues such as diseases or nutrient deficiencies. Our ability to rapidly and accurately analyze data aids in optimizing cultivation, increasing productivity, and contributing to sustainable resource management.
  • Thermal Inspections of Roofs and Structural Elements: Thermal cameras mounted on UAVs facilitate detailed inspections of temperatures on the surface of roofs, facades, and other structural elements. This technology allows early detection of potential issues such as thermal leaks, water leaks, or damage caused by weather conditions. Quick and efficient thermal inspections help prevent more serious damage, extend the lifespan of construction elements, and contribute to the sustainability of structures.
  • With our commitment to innovation and high-quality standards, we ensure that our aerial inspection services provide users with precise and relevant information to optimize their business processes and preserve resources.


Hydrography Drone
Innovation Norway Hidrografija gear

The WASSP S3PR Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) is specifically designed for geodetic mapping and exploration. By simultaneously generating up to 100 pings per second at a 120-degree angle and incorporating advanced signal processing, we easily obtain a complete and accurate picture of underwater bathymetry.

This system is ideal for detailed bathymetric research, harbor exploration and channel management, dredging, inspection of maritime infrastructure, wreck exploration, and search and rescue operations.

To capture hard-to-reach areas, we use a dual-frequency echo-sounder mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Engineering Geodesy.

Application of measurement systems in the design and construction of structures, as well as monitoring displacements and deformations during construction and operation.

  • Base for execution and main projects
  • Infrastructure - roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, ...
  • Superstructure - buildings, industrial facilities, stadiums, ...
  • Energy - power lines, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, hydroelectric plants
  • Establishment of geodetic networks
  • Precise staking of structures
  • Creation of special geodetic bases
  • Location of utilities
  • Topcon Hiper HR, Design Foundation
  • Calculating Cubic Volume
  • Total Station, Surveying

Cadastral Services.

  • Cadastral Register Croatia
  • Cadastral Register Croatia
  • Cadastral Register Croatia

High-quality, fast, and reliable preparation of cadastral documents for all purposes.

  • Registration of buildings in the cadastre and land registry
  • Land parceling
  • Harmonization of cadastre and land registry
  • Geodetic project
  • Establishment of infrastructure cadastre
  • Creation of special geodetic bases
  • Registration of maritime or water property
  • Boundary renewal


ISO 9001:2015

Quality management system for business and overall organization focusing on processes, procedures, and the creation of an effective working environment.

ISO 14001:2015

Environmental management system covering all aspects of impact on the environment and social surroundings, including activities promoting environmental awareness.

ISO 45001:2018

Health and safety management system covering all aspects of the impact of work on people and actions towards working conditions.

ISO 27001:2013

Information security management system involving the application of control mechanisms, monitoring, and management activities necessary to achieve information security.


Professionalism Above All

Professionalism Above All

Over the years, we have constantly improved our approach to clients. Our team currently consists of 8 geodetic engineers and 3 professional associates. All employees have passed the A1/A2/A3 open category for conducting flight operations in Europe.

Best Equipment for Data Collection

Best Equipment for Data Collection

We own the top Leica product line of geodetic equipment - GNSS GS18 I, 1" robotic total station TS16, and the most accurate digital level LS15. We use the most reliable drones from Vertical Technologies and DJI. Therefore, we guarantee the quality and speed of delivery in terms of accuracy and precision for all geodetic tasks.

Reliability, high quality and adherence to deadlines

Reliability, High Quality, and Adherence to Deadlines

With our experience, reliability, high quality, and prompt delivery of the final product, we believe we belong to the top geodetic companies in the country.

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