Project implementation - Spatial Super Vision

Innovation Norway
Innovation Norway 2023-10-26T20:14:08+02:00

Project title: SpatialSuperVision

About project

Organiser: Innovation Norway

Project promotor: Geometricus d.o.o.

Case number: 2023/363863

Grant type: Croatia innovation Norway grants

Status: In implementation

Total value: 1.414.956 EUR

Grant: 983.000 EUR

Supported by a grant from Norway through Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, in the frame of the Programme "Business Development and Innovation Croatia"

Project summary:

The focus of the project is introduction of environmentally oriented measurement services with ability of total coverage of spatial features – concrete and abstract as well as above ground and underground, as a new green technology in application.

The need or the problem that project addresses is mainly poor spatial datasets for underground utilities which are in use (or in absence, not in use at all), as well as generally low-definition of spatial datasets of urban areas which fact brings to inappropriate urban sprawl and poor urban area management on damage of environment. The technology progress enables our geodetic company to provide the sector experts – the urban designers, physical planners, authorized bodies in climate change management, persons in charge for natural disasters prevention and response, underground utilities management bodies, the ability to quality engage the measures in planning and maintenance of urban areas in-line with the Smart City initiatives as well as outside agricultural and forest areas, i. e. total spatial coverage.

The project has 4 activities:

1. Procurement of equipment:

a. Mobile Mapping System (MMS)

b. Ground Penetrating Radar

c. Underwater (under liquid) robot

d. Airborne geomagnet set

e. Airborne echosounder set

f. Multi-spectral COMBO

g. Air-pollution measurement device (sniffer)

h. The set of processing computers

** 2. Technical consultancy services**

3. Project management

4. Publicity and visibility


The first set of equipment has been delivered. The MMS and GPR from Leica, as well as multi-spectral combination of instruments from Ricopter have been procured.